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State and federal regulations require employers to post certain notices in plain view for their employees to see. The purpose for these postings is to make sure employees are aware of their rights under various laws, and failing to post them could have legal ramifications. Here, we’ll go over some of the labor law posters that Illinois employers have to display.

Illinois Posters

Most employers in the state of Illinois are required to display the following posters.

When determining how much a workers’ compensation or personal injury claim is worth, one of the key terms used is “maximum medical improvement,” or MMI. Maximum medical improvement is when you have reached the maximum possible level of recovery from your injury.

Maximum Medical Improvement Defined

You reach maximum medical improvement when your doctor determines that you are unlikely to get any better in terms of recovery from an injury. In other words, you’ve completely stabilized. In workers’ compensation and personal injury law, that means the worth of your case can be tallied up since it’s then possible to determine:

At times, it may be a good idea to have employees sign an employment contract prior to beginning work, but there are limitations to what employers can do with those contracts. Some terms may be difficult to enforce, while others may be flat-out illegal. Here, we’ll look at some of the common limitations of employment contracts.

Legal Rights and Regulations

First of all, it’s important to know that employers cannot have employees sign away basic substantive rights in their employment agreements. Contracts that do include these terms are likely to be overruled by a judge in the event of a dispute, so they’re best left out.

As businesses open up, there is a risk of continued spread of COVID-19 in shopping areas, offices, and other commercial properties. As such, there may be cause for lawsuits involving illness contracted on businesses’ properties in the future. How viable these lawsuits will be is still unclear, but there will likely be cases where individuals can recover damages.

Property Owners’ Duty of Care and Coronavirus

The CDC and other organizations are constantly recommending new preventive measures to stall the spread of the virus, including guidelines for business owners. Given that property owners and managers have a duty to help make sure those who visit their properties are safe from harm, failing to follow those guidelines may pose a risk to their customers, tenants, and so forth.

The estate planning process involves a number of uncomfortable topics, but it’s important to make sure you are prepared for the difficult matters involved. The following are seven of the most important questions to ask during the estate planning process.

1. How will my assets be distributed/passed on?

The first question has perhaps the widest breadth: how will your assets be distributed after you pass away? It’s important to have some vehicle for outlining how your property, funds, and other assets will be distributed among your heirs, whether they’ll all be passed on to a spouse or divided up among descendants.

High-risk transactions often require the use of paymaster and escrow services. People often have questions about escrow and related services, the most common of which will be addressed here.

Who Pays Escrow Fees?

When it comes to escrow fees, there is no set rule or law that dictates who should pay them. As such, it ultimately comes down to the terms of the purchase contract. Often, escrow fees are split evenly between the buyer and the seller, but there may be instances where one party may be able to negotiate for having the other party pay them in full.

Every year, nearly 13,000 people are injured by fireworks. Most of those fireworks are legal, though injuries may result from the negligent actions of another person. In those cases, there may be grounds for a personal injury lawsuit.

Calculating the Worth of Firework-Related Injuries

Personal injury lawsuits resulting from fireworks include various types of damages. As such, if you’ve been injured by negligent use of fireworks, or if the fireworks used were defective, you may be entitled to the following:

Hart David Carson partner Octavio Duran (first from the left) received the Milton H. Gray Award from the Chicago Bar Association’s Young Lawyer Section (YLS). The award recognizes outstanding project leadership by a member throughout the bar year.

Duran received the award for organizing multiple social events with record attendance and for spearheading Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, an event that raises awareness for violence against women. He serves as the Second Vice Chair of the YLS.

Duran is a Partner in HDC’s Personal Injury group. He focuses his practice on representing individuals and families in all areas of personal injury including automobile collisions, construction negligence, wrongful death, medical malpractice, and premises liability.

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Cryptocurrency and the IRS

As Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, and other forms of virtual currencies become more and more prevalent, many people have begun facing the tax implications of their trading, buying, and selling activities on the blockchain. Numerous individuals have accumulated a great deal of wealth thanks to this new technology, and the IRS has taken notice.

As the technology and the usage thereof develop, so too will the codes and rules set forth by the IRS over how this type of income should be reported and taxed. When it comes to planning for the tax implications of buying and selling cryptocurrencies, making an ICO, or engaging in other business transactions involving blockchain technology, you need an attorney who is both experienced in tax law as well as up-to-date on the latest developments.

Suffering an injury on the job can impact your quality of life as well as limit your ability to work. The purpose of workers’ compensation law in Illinois is to make sure you are properly cared for in the event of a workplace injury, but it can take a while to settle your claim. In some cases, you’ll receive benefits (such as disability or work differential) within a few days, but in others, you might end up waiting much longer.

If you are wondering when your claim will go through, you should be aware that there are some factors that could make it take longer than you might expect.


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