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Suing for personal injury damages is only possible if you can establish causation. You must be able to demonstrate that the defendant in some way caused your injury through their reckless or negligent actions.

Components of Negligence

Causation is one of the components of negligence, in addition to duty of care and breach of duty. If there is no negligence involved in the accident, then you have no case.

Among the most common personal injury cases are those involving slip and fall accidents. Whether it’s a patch of ice, a spilled fluid, or uneven flooring, these accidents can often result in serious injuries necessitating emergency treatment.

Often, these accidents may result from another party’s negligent actions. If this is the case, the location where the injury occurred is key to determining who is responsible for paying damages.

Likely Places to Slip and Fall in Illinois

Eventually, you’ll run into some kind of dispute while running your business, and that dispute can develop into a lawsuit if you don’t settle it promptly. Some of the most common causes of commercial litigation include the six items discussed below.

1. Breach of Contract

Over the course of running your business, you’ll make agreements with multiple parties, including vendors, licensees, employees, and other business partners. Occasionally, one party may breach the agreement. In other instances, there may be accusations of a breach where none truly occurred, or it might be unclear.

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission (IWCC) is a government organization that handles workers’ comp claims within the state. Their main duties are to oversee workers’ compensation and resolve disputes between injured workers and their employers. If you file a workers’ compensation claim and it’s denied, there’s a good chance you’ll have to deal with the IWCC in order to secure benefits.

What Does the IWCC Do?

The IWCC oversees workers’ compensation in the state of Illinois. Largely, that involves overseeing claims and hearing disputes between workers and employers. They make rulings on whether workers are to be paid benefits or not, and as a result, create case law that can be referenced in future cases.

A fiduciary is defined as any person or party who acts on behalf of another party. As such, they have a duty—referred to as a fiduciary duty—to put their client’s interests above their own. Often, this involves the management of other people’s money, such as a shareholder’s investment in a company or the funds placed in a trust.

Role and Duties of a Fiduciary

Put simply, the duty of a fiduciary is to look after the best interests of their clients, even if that means putting the client’s interests above their own. For example, a trustee has a fiduciary responsibility toward the beneficiaries of the trust, and therefore must manage the trust in such a way that it benefits the estate beneficiaries rather than their own selves.

If you are planning to buy or develop land, it’s important to be aware of the various land use laws that may apply to it. These laws include easements, zoning laws, and eminent domain, and they can impact what you can do with a given piece of property.

In this article, we’ll explain the difference between each of these types of land use laws and how they can impact your plans for a plot of real estate.


Dealing with a work injury is never easy. Not only do you have the pain to deal with, but there’s also the possibility of missing hours from work and coping with costly medical bills. For this reason, you’ll need to make sure you secure workers’ compensation coverage from your employer, and that often requires the assistance of an attorney.

When it comes to deciding whether you need a lawyer for your workers’ compensation claim, you’ll be best served with an attorney at your side in most instances.

Instances Where a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Is Necessary
The Illinois Equal Pay Act (EPA) of 2003 prohibits unequal wages between men and women for performing substantially similar work. Compliance with the Illinois EPA is essential to keeping liability to a minimum.

What Is the Illinois Equal Pay Act?

The Illinois Equal Pay Act requires employers to pay male and female employees the same amount for the same job. Any disparities in pay should be based on factors other than gender, such as:

In many vehicle accidents, the matter of fault is more or less clear—the person who caused the accident is typically considered to be responsible for paying damages. However, that may not be the case if the accident involves a company vehicle.

If you were involved in an accident with someone driving a corporate vehicle, their employer may be held responsible for paying damages.

Determining Fault in Vehicle Accidents

Some real estate contracts may include a right of first refusal (ROFR). ROFR grants an interested party—such as a potential home buyer or a company leasing commercial space—the right to be considered to lease or purchase a property before anyone else. It has a number of ramifications for buyers, sellers, and renters, both positive and negative.

Right of First Refusal in Real Estate

When a party has right of first refusal to a piece of property, the owner of that property must give them an opportunity to purchase or lease it before considering other offers.

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