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Corporate governance is an integral component of running a business, particularly when it comes to maintaining compliance with legal standards and keeping company leadership accountable. Employees are often affected by decisions made with respect to how a corporation is governed, but they typically don’t have much say in the matter.

Here, we’ll look into the role employees can have in corporate governance and how they can impact it in a positive way.

The Interest Employees Have in a Company’s Success

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has various requirements of employers with respect to individuals with disabilities. Under Title I, employers with 15 employees or more are prohibited from discriminating against anyone with a disability, and that encompasses a number of duties.

No Discrimination Against Disabled Individuals

The ADA prohibits discrimination by employers against disabled individuals. What this means in practice is that employers must make reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities during recruiting, hiring, firing, promoting, etc.

Most businesses carry with them a certain amount of legal risk, which is why implementing preventive law can yield a great deal of value. The process of implementing preventive law begins with choosing an attorney, and it requires a sound understanding of your business’s legal needs.

What Is Preventive Law?

To begin, let’s discuss the meaning of preventive law.

A will is an integral part of your estate plan, and it’s important to make sure it holds up after you pass on. Unfortunately, people may attempt to contest your will in an effort to benefit themselves.

Grounds for Contesting a Will in Illinois

In order to invalidate a will, the person contesting it must have legitimate grounds for doing so. Simply disagreeing with the provisions set forth in your will is not enough; they need to prove it is actually invalid.

Employee lawsuits can be expensive, even if you end up winning. If you have employees, avoiding employment disputes is vital to success. Here, we’ll go over six tips for avoiding employment disputes.

1. Set Clear Expectations

First, employees are less likely to sue if your expectations are clearly set forth. By taking the time to make sure your requirements are both fair and clear, there’s less of a chance that an employee will feel that they are being treated unfairly.

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