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An attorney plays a vital role in real estate acquisitions, improvements, and management. When choosing an attorney to handle the legal components of your real estate business dealings, it helps to know what questions to ask.

Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Attorney

First, let’s look at the reasons why you’d want to hire a real estate attorney in the first place.

Real estate purchases involve complex contractual agreements, and making sure those agreements are enforceable is key to seeing the transaction smoothly through to its end. There are both legal requirements as well as practical elements that factor into whether a purchase contract is enforceable, and we’ll go over the most important of those here.

Legal Elements of an Enforceable Real Estate Contract

An enforceable real estate contract needs to adhere to legal requirements, including the following.

Some transactions are simply too large to handle with checks or other conventional means. Escrow services handled through a lawyer paymaster reduce the risks involved with transferring large sums.

At Hart David Carson LLP, we offer paymaster and escrow services to individuals and businesses throughout Illinois.

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