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Real Estate

Real estate transactions, management, development, and financing all involve a variety of regulatory and contractual issues. When making any kind of transaction, you need to be sure that everything is carried out within the limits of federal, state, and local laws. In addition, if you manage or lease property, operate within a community association, or develop land, you need to be well aware of your legal responsibilities and limitations.

Hart David Carson provides the legal advising you need for any of these operations, whether you are buying a home, leasing out office spaces, developing property, or working with real estate in any other way. We bring a strong past of real estate experience along with comprehensive legal knowledge, allowing us to provide general legal advising, document drafting and analysis, and skilled representation to our clients.

Residential Real Estate

Buying or selling a home is an involved process, and with good reason—real estate transactions represent high-cost, high-risk endeavors. For buyers and sellers alike, minimizing those risks means having a thorough understanding of the applicable laws and contractual ramifications involved in purchasing or selling a home. Given the complexity of the laws and documents involved, bringing on a lawyer to guide you through the process is not only wise, but vital.

Whether you are buying or selling a home, Hart David Carson can assist you. We can examine and analyze documents, deeds, and agreements; represent you during negotiations; and handle dispute resolution should it become necessary.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate transactions tend to be less reliant on governmental regulation than those involving residential properties. However, there is usually more of an emphasis on negotiations and contractual agreements, which makes the process of dealing in commercial property much more risky. Skilled legal advising is crucial to protecting your assets throughout transactions, negotiations, and operational processes.

Hart David Carson provides the legal counsel and representation you need to navigate the following successfully:

  • Acquisition and disposition of property
  • Securing commercial financing
  • Directing/operating condominium and community associations
  • Commercial leasing issues
  • Property management issues
  • Land use and development

Without the assistance of a commercial real estate attorney, you can easily find yourself in a variety of legal entanglements, whether those be with the government, a lessee, or some other entity. Our lawyers can assist you in minimizing liability and maintaining full compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.


There are numerous forms of financing available for real estate investments, whether you are looking to buy a home, develop a plot of land, or finance a large project. However, it is important to keep in mind the possible ramifications and risks associated with commercial financing, including those involving contractual agreements and regulations.

Financing is used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Funding acquisition of property
  • Land development and subdivision
  • Construction
  • Refinancing
  • Funding projects
  • Preventing buyouts
  • Acquiring assets or equipment
  • Funding new investments

In many cases, your existing real estate holdings can be utilized to obtain financing needed for a large project or buyout. In addition, certain methods of financing can be used to protect your own property and assets. For example, a company seeking to prevent a takeover can use higher-risk, short-term financing to buy up their own shares, thus preventing other companies from taking them.

Naturally, the various forms of financing will each have their own unique laws, contracts, and documents associated with them. Analyzing these and ensuring that you minimize the risk involved in taking on financing is work best suited to a skilled attorney.

Zoning Laws

Zoning and land use laws will limit what you can do with a given piece of property within a certain jurisdiction. They are handled by the city, and you will therefore have to work with local governments when planning how you will use the land you own. In addition, certain ventures may involve federal government regulations, such as the Clean Air Act or the Endangered Species Act.

When obtaining the various permits and entitlements involved in developing land, you need to work through the proper channels. These are best navigated by a lawyer with experience in the area of zoning and land use laws. Each plot, project, and jurisdiction is unique, so customized legal services are a must. Hart David Carson provides those services to land developers and property owners throughout the Chicago-Metro area, whether you are in the city or in one of the surrounding suburbs.

In addition to meeting local zoning requirements, a land development project will also have to last through any disputes that may arise with neighboring landowners. Our attorneys provide the dispute resolution services you need to see a project through to completion.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

At times, often due to some error in a document, real estate disputes occur. Whether it’s the result of a mistake within an agreement, a zoning law conflict, or a conflict of interest with surrounding real estate property owners, you need to involve a lawyer to help resolve the dispute. In many cases, these can be resolved outside of court through alternative dispute resolution procedures. Our attorneys can assist you with:

  • Real estate litigation
  • Arbitration
  • Mediation
  • Document analysis
  • Due diligence
  • General legal counsel

Of course, it’s best to avoid these disputes in the first place. In instances when they can’t be avoided, however, you need litigation specialists who can protect your assets and see you successfully through a conflict. Hart David Carson is here to provide the experience and skill needed to accomplish just that.

Skilled Real Estate Attorneys

Hart David Carson provides legal counseling and representation to clients in the city of Chicago and its surrounding areas. Individuals and entities we serve include:

  • Homeowners
  • Residential real estate buyers and sellers
  • Companies with commercial real estate property
  • Commercial landlords
  • Managers of condominium and community associations
  • Property managers
  • Land developers

Our services include everything from analyzing documents; negotiating contracts and transactions; structuring and restructuring financial agreements; advising on regulatory and contractual compliance issues; general legal counsel on governance, managerial, and operational issues; and representation during disputes. To learn more about our real estate legal services or to request a free consultation, contact Hart David Carson today.

Client Reviews
We have been working closely with HDC for about 4 years now, we trust them for our own legal work and for all of our clients. They have proven themselves to be dependable and hardworking. They have yet to let us down in any capacity. We are looking forward to growing this relationship for us and our clients. Azmi S. (Elmhurst, IL)
I have known the people and Hart David Carson for quite some time now and I can say, with a particularly high degree of confidence, that they are some of the most professional, courteous, and competent lawyers I have ever had the privilege to know. They are attentive, knowledgeable, and really take the time to provide a very personal experience. I would highly recommend anyone to avail themselves of their truly amazing legal services!! Brian N. (Chicago, IL)
These attorneys are the best! They are professional and driven individuals that are passionate about what they do. They listened and worked with me from beginning to end. I strongly encourage using them! You will not be disappointed! Shannon D. (Arlington Heights, IL)