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Estate Planning

Planning for the future includes making preparations for what to do with your assets in the event of your passing or incapacitation. You want to make sure your wealth is managed properly and your legacy is preserved. Protecting your assets and your family is central to estate planning, which is most effectively done with skilled legal advising and representation.

At Hart David Carson, our estate planning attorneys help you make the needed plans for the future. With our comprehensive estate planning services, we help you get everything figured out to ensure the security of your assets and the protection of your family from probate decisions.

Importance of Estate Planning

If you don’t have an estate plan in place, with a will, power of attorney plan, succession plans, and so forth, your wealth and assets will be left to the probate court to sort out, which may mean your wishes will not be fulfilled regarding inheritance and power of attorney.

To protect your intended beneficiaries, you must have an estate plan, regardless of your current stage of life. Making these plans in a way that will function properly is not only crucial to managing assets after your passing, but also in the event that you become incapacitated or unable to speak on your own behalf. Owing to the deeply legal nature of estate planning, your best bet for a sound estate planning strategy is to consult with our attorneys.

Aspects of Estate Planning

There are many elements to consider when putting together your estate plans. These include matters of succession, inheritance, tax planning, marital agreements, trusts, and power of attorney.

  • Power of attorney: Who will be in charge of disposing of your wealth and assets? You need to be sure power of attorney goes to someone who will respect your wishes.

  • Taxes: Gift taxes, income taxes, and estate taxes all play a role in your estate plan. Knowing how to minimize the impact they have on your wealth is key.

  • Succession: If you own a company (or several), who will take over for you? How will that process be managed?

  • Dispensation of assets: Domestic and foreign assets are regulated by certain laws, and you will need to be able to work with those laws to get them where you need them.

  • Beneficiaries: Ultimately, this is all about where your wealth goes. You want to be sure it goes to the right people—spouse, children, trusted friends, charities, etc.

Getting these various aspects to work out within your plan is what our estate planning attorneys are here to do.

Enlisting Legal Aid

Our estate planning services can help you get all of the following matters sorted out:

  • Executive succession
  • Charitable foundations and trusts
  • Marital agreements
  • Generation skipping
  • Dynasty trust tax planning
  • Revocable living trusts
  • Irrevocable trusts and ILIT
  • Retirement benefit planning
  • Real estate trusts
  • Will and power of attorney planning
  • Domestic and foreign asset protection

We can guide you on how to manage these various aspects of estate planning. In addition, we can provide much needed representation and document drafting. It is absolutely vital to ensure that wills and trusts are properly structured to ensure your wishes are carried out and your loved ones protected. To learn more, contact Hart David Carson today.

Client Reviews
We have been working closely with HDC for about 4 years now, we trust them for our own legal work and for all of our clients. They have proven themselves to be dependable and hardworking. They have yet to let us down in any capacity. We are looking forward to growing this relationship for us and our clients. Azmi S. (Elmhurst, IL)
I have known the people and Hart David Carson for quite some time now and I can say, with a particularly high degree of confidence, that they are some of the most professional, courteous, and competent lawyers I have ever had the privilege to know. They are attentive, knowledgeable, and really take the time to provide a very personal experience. I would highly recommend anyone to avail themselves of their truly amazing legal services!! Brian N. (Chicago, IL)
These attorneys are the best! They are professional and driven individuals that are passionate about what they do. They listened and worked with me from beginning to end. I strongly encourage using them! You will not be disappointed! Shannon D. (Arlington Heights, IL)