Venture Capital Trends for 2019

Technology advances from year to year, and 2019 will be no different. These advances will likely be many as companies strive to innovate in an effort to remain competitive, and many of the venture capital investment opportunities that the new year will bring will likely be based around that need for advancement.

When determining where to invest capital, there are a few trends that may be worth looking into for 2019.

Additive Manufacturing

Digital design and 3D printing have more of a presence than ever before, and that trend is likely to continue growing. Consistent developments will make these technologies more prevalent, and companies are likely to use them to enhance their product design and manufacturing processes.

The combination of digital design with 3D printing within industrial processes is referred to as “additive manufacturing,” and there are definitely companies that will make use of it in order to remain competitive. Investing in these technologies could prove lucrative in the coming years.

Predictive Power of Fintech

Managing money, whether for startups with unique challenges, investors seeking opportunities, or for average individuals on the go, has become saturated with technology. Apps allow people to bank on their mobile phones, obtain financing for expenses, and make online purchases. Many financial institutions are attempting to forge partnerships with fintech companies in order to profit from their growth rather than have their organizations completely disrupted by it.

Mobile Ideation Apps

The increased pace of innovation in our society necessitates higher levels of agility. In addition, mobile devices are seeing more and more use in the workplace. Rather than treat the use of mobile phones and tablets as a disruption, many companies are seeking ways to utilize these devices in increasing productivity and innovation.

For employees that are constantly on the go, mobile ideation applications can make innovation much faster. They allow employees to collaborate with other team members, share input on projects, and access needed company information, all without having to be constrained to a specific location. Businesses are likely to start implementing these apps more and more in the coming years as they strive to increase the agility of their innovation processes, making ideation software a potentially lucrative opportunity for investors.

Augmented Reality

VR has been gaining traction in various sectors, and not just in the gaming industry. Companies are starting to use virtual reality simulators to train employees, and some businesses are implementing them in their online portals to assist customers. For instance, the use of a computer’s web camera can be used to test the look of fashion accessories during online shopping, effectively closing the gap between physical and online stores.

Need for Greater Innovation

These investment opportunities follow the trend of enhancing innovation in the coming year. Companies need to maintain a competitive edge, and to do this, many of the new advances they’ll adopt will be centered around improving agility and centralizing development within their processes. Those companies that don’t incorporate new tech into their ideating, production, and marketing processes are likely to be left behind, so these technologies represent a good opportunity for venture capital investors.

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